School again…

School is everywhere inside my head right now, and I am sure that this is just because I like this part of the year. Knowing which courses I am taking this year, what books I need, new colleagues and so on. So I think all this will be my school series in away. Enjoy it. And enjoy school, it is a very important thing and plays an important part in everyone’s live.


Colorful and perfect for this part of the ear. These goes perfect as a nice small gift for a classmate or even of a nice, funny and creative teacher.  Colors everywhere just makes your day brighter. Really nice.





Thank you very much for the support so far, and also if you want to see more, just like this one. For any information about orders, you can contact me here, or if you fell more comfortable leave a comment bellow; and also visit How to order.

Also, my give-away is still available, so click here to find out more.

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