Eggtastic fun!

Have you ever wanted to make something original, artsy and fun? Do you like working with small stuff? Do you pay attention to detail in an almost OCD-ish way? I have a suggestion for you guys. If you have patience you can play with…eggs 😀 well, more like eggshells.

Since it is Easter, Curiosity has decided the egg solution to everything. You saw the delicious post about chocolate eggs. If not check it out here. My suggestion for you guys is to check out Franc Grom (more on Huffingtonpost or on Tumblr). At 72 years of age he is absolutely amazing when it comes to carving in eggshells. He hollows them out, leaving the eggshell whole and the fun begins! Who says you can’t try it at home ladies and gentlemen? With the proper tools anything is possible. I am going to post a video about the process if any of you fancy trying or just watching an awesome man in action 😛

I am also posting some pictures of the final product off of Google.

What do you think about what this guy can do? Is it something you would be tempted to try? Would you have the necessary patience? Leave a comment in our section so we can see who is brave enough to show his artistic side. If you already do something like this tell us and send us pics and we will make a post about your work 😀 Curiosity wishes you a great day!

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