Day 2 at the Fair

As I promised, this is the 1st post about the Fair that I mentioned in this post, also you can see Aberdeen Inspired for more information (here) . Hope you enjoy everything they are organizing for Easter. So, unfortunately, I could not go to the 1st day, but the 2nd was so nice, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed every second there. Here are some pictures with how Aberdeen looked today:

And, I will start with the things I loved and saw. First was the clips and bows from Bella’s clips and bows. They had wonderful clips and they are putting a lot of effort in what they are doing. And of course their free activity for children was ‘Do your own bracelet’. Very nice. And now some photos:

The next stand was about candles. They were smelling delicious and I fell in love with most of their scents ( I could eat the candles) and they had a nice activity for the children, it used their imagination and creativity. Check the photos:

The next is Revolv3D. I love everything is 3D now and they have unique opportunities and ideas. I encourage you to visit their Facebook page and participate in the event. Also you can find them at Satrosphere at some incredible events.

And the last one was a nice photographer, you can see some of his works here. It was a pleasure talking with him and understanding the stories behind some of his photos. Wonderful things he’s doing. On my other blog I will post some ideas from the interesting conversation we had. I’m always so happy when someone understand the importance and beauty of math.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to smile and enjoy the moment.

Also visit my facebook page for what you can see at the Fair. A small sneak-pic (enjoy):


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