Happiness everywhere…

Finally my spring holiday is here. I have 3 weeks of holiday from university and a lot of things are happening, so it won’t be a proper holiday after all. First of all I have a great thing to announce, I will participate to another fair in Aberdeen this month. I am very happy about this and I hope it will be a huge success for us. The event is for children and takes place on Terrace Gardens in the 2 weeks of school holiday that children have before Easter. It is especially made for kids and Easter. The event has a lot of free activities for children included and I hope everyone will enjoy it a lot. So because it’s such an important event I will try to be there as many days as possible and I will make a post for every day (I will try my best). So, you can be sure that I am incredible happy to participate in this event. A lot of posts will appear about this, so hope you will enjoy it and encourage me to do more things like this.

This is our small poster, and this way you can see my free activity for kids:

Share from Pixlr


Secondly, I decided to do other handmade things, not only using polymer clay, but also different other materials like fabrics, metal and plastic. So you will see a lot of other things appearing in the future. Also, I am preparing for some small shops (handmade related) reviews in the next weeks, too. So a lot of changes will happen. Just stay focused, smile, enjoy the spring and sun. I hope you will enjoy the small transformation as I do.

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