International Happiness Day

This is related to the International Happiness Day and I thought that you would like to find out some things that make me happy. On my other blog you can see 12 things that make me happy from a mathematical point of view. I hope you enjoyed that one and have the patience to read this bigger one.

  • reading is one of the things that make me incredibly happy ( now I read the series ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ finished the 4th volume this morning and just started the 5th, for more about books you can follow me on Goodreads or on Shelfary);
  • march and all the spring celebration ( especially the ‘martisor’ tradition that you can find more here); wpid-collage_20140308030105126_20140308030318062_20140309161934216.jpg
  • every time I play with a cat (cats are my favorite pets, and when I will have my own house I will have a nice black cat, but until then I present you my grandparents’ lazy cat Tommy staying for a kiss);  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Christmas and everything related to it make me happy like a kid;
  • being not a good cook, every single time someone compliments my not very ‘good-looking’ food;
  • seeing a child smiling or laughing (especially laughing);
  • seeing my grandparents (it happens rarely);
  • finding The present for a special one;
  • looking at the moon in a cloudless night when everything is still;
  • listening to music (my favorite singer now is Beyonce);
  • going to the cinema (especially from premiers when I get the last empty seat, the last movie I watch in this style was Need for Speed);
  • doing handmade jewelry ( my favorite ones are the earrings, you can see my catalog and album);
  • shopping with my little sister (most of the time 90% of the items are hers, but I enjoy it a lot);
  • seeing different places ( traveling and especially organizing the trip);
  • eating my grandma’s cakes/cookies;
  • playing in the snow;
  • seeing an old friend after months and months when we just talked on the internet;
  • going to sleep near That special person;
  • walking through warm summer rain;
  • watching my favorite snooker player win an important game (don’t judge me, but my favorite player is still Ronnie O’Sullivan);
  • starting to watch a new anime series ( I started Bleach this month).


I hope you liked my happy things list, if you want to see more lists like this let me know in the comments bellow or just like this one. Thank you and don’t forget to smile.

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