New Blue

I have decided to make some small more gallery presentations of the items I am doing, this post are more a guidance for me to see which models you like more, so please leave as many comments as possible, like if you enjoy and follow for more ^_^

This is just a small flower, for references it’s not bigger than a 2p coin. It’s nice just to wear it by itself with a small necklace ( I prefer silver, but it also looks nice with gold or any other color).  It looks perfect with the new trend of using/wearing more than one necklace because it’s simple and easy to mix with anything.

The charm was made using just polymer clay (in my case Fimo, but there are other brands that can be used). So far, we have a 10 items stock, and if you would like to make any order just sent an email at or visit How to order? page. The price is 1.5£ per item without delivery, but for bigger orders a discount can be discussed.

Thank you for your support and don’t forget to smile ^_^

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