Sweet Things

A while ago, I made a food post, well you like it and I was very happy to see that. I won’t say that my cooking has improved in any buy, but I tried and tried. Some of my friends are saying that anything sweet I make is delicious, but, come on!, of course it’s good… it’s something sweet. I am a cookies, cakes addicted. I like them, I eat them. Trying not to eat to much is sometimes a thing, but I do my best (my body also helps me with this cause it just doesn’t want to get to fat ). I will put some my new receipts here. Hope you will enjoy and photos.

New Imageterghcb[baked apples with cherry gem with cinnamon] perfect for the winter

New Imagegfdgmy own receipt for [pumpkin pie with nuts and raisins]; it was perfect at Halloween time

New Imagehgfjf[vanilla cake with cream and chocolate bites] it was perfect for the New Years Eve and every one enjoyed it (extremely easy to make)

IMG_20140310_192746the last one is my favorite one~ Tiramisu~ so easy to make and everyone enjoys it a lot and it was perfect for all the winter birthdays

Hope you likes this small presentation. I have to say that all these were kind of ‘fat’ sweets (without the baked apples, I think)  and I normally do them only in the cold season. Now is March and I hope that more fruits will appear in my cooking posts in the future. If you would like to see more just like this one. Thanks, enjoy your day and don’t forget to smile.

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