Sinaia and its Castles

Exactly 3 years ago (3-4 march 2011) as a birthday present we went to Sinaia, a wonderful city in Romania. It’s well know for its castles and wonderful architecture. I don’t want to start explaining you the history of its place, it’s to long and it will take pages (books and books) to write about it, for a small introduction visit the wikipedia page for it (you will find the basic things) or the wikitravel for more. For me it was love at first site and I enjoyed every second there. Here is one of my favorite photos made there:


And of course no one goes there without seeing the Peles Castle and it’s small brother Pelisor Castle. The felling walking through both Castles was incredible, all the stories, all the princess/queens – stories just appeared in from of my eyes. It was breathtaking and I would go there every weekend if I could. And just thinking about the Queens and Kings that stayed there and the history hidden in every corner made everything more incredible. Here are some of my old photos from Peles and Pelisor Castles:

If you are a little interested about this I encourage you to visit the official page of the castle for more. I am sure it will make you much more interested in visiting it. It was a wonderful experience for me.

Don’t forget to smile ^_^

7 thoughts on “Sinaia and its Castles

  1. Chiar azi vorbeam cu George ca imi e dor de mers la munte, pe Valea Prahovei ❤ Parca mi-e dor sa revad Sinaia, sa urc la Babe si sa mancam in Predeal, apoi sa urcam putin in Azuga. Imi e dor sa respir aerul rece sic urat de munte, sa scap de nebunia din Bucuresti.

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