March Celebration Event

Hello everyone!!! Spring is officially here and Curiosity has been busy busy busy 😀 First of all, we would like to announce our successful event involving the ‘Martisor’ celebration (March Celebration). We had great live reviews from customers, and generally had an amazing time with our partners:

New Imagefdhfg

We shared a table with the Aberdeen University Bulgarian and Romanian societies. They have both been extremely generous in providing a great spot between them so that we may display our merchandise. Both societies have provided us with a warm atmosphere mixed up with a healthy rivalry in quality of our products.

New Imagehggfhf

New Imagesthfgh

It is to our delight that Curiosity managed to provide the best hand-made experience. On the other hand, we would like to give a big shout out to our new friends in the Bulgarian society whom has given us some great new tips on how to manipulate thread. Curiosity has always been about learning new things and this has been no different. Tune in for new ways to make your handmade experience even more fun and easy.

New Imagegjfdj

Also check out our creations here on  WordPress, on Facebook ( herehere and here), or on Pinterest. Curiosity promises a wider variety this Spring with excellent service as always (for orders and contact). Also don’t forget about our new projects.


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