March Celebration

It’s not that long until Spring comes in, 1st of March is right at the corner, so in celebration of the 1st day of spring we are launching a new collection. For the ones that do not know what ‘Martisoare’ are you can find out more about them on wikipedia. I advise anyone interested in traditions from Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Italy or Greece to check the link. It is very interesting to find out more about all these new things. As you know already I am from Romania, so most of the models are inspired from what we wear and like in my country. But feel free to share with me all your ideas and traditions.

This year we are trying to find a way on delivering to as many people as possible, but so far we do not have an exact system, but I hope you will be patient enough to wait for an improvement. Until then, we accept orders on Feel free to send me emails with your orders and for other comments please feel free to comment at this article. So far I will not take into consideration other emails except the ones about orders. Also, please have a look at the prices for postage in this link. The prices are easy to find out, so enjoy our gallery.

I hope you enjoyed our post and leave comments below. If you would like more like this click the ‘like’ button and don’t forget to share it everywhere you like, let your friends now about this.


Thank you and don’t forget to smile…

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