It’s 14th February

Well, soon, very soon… will be 14th February. I am not the type of person that really likes this Valentines Day. It’s interesting in some points, I know the idea, I like the idea, but I just don’t like to celebrate it that much. I like that there is a day in which everyone is celebrating LOVE and the feeling of being loved and love someone else. It is a good thing to celebrate, it is in fact a wonderful thing to celebrate. But I feel that it started to become a little to much. Every shop is pink/red, everywhere are hearts and everyone is talking about it. What do you think?


I feel that I don’t need ONe day to celebrate it, I have the whole year to do it. And if you love someone I am sure that you will understand me very well. If you love someone, you will like to do all these ‘valentines day’ things all the time, every second and every time you see your loved one. And it’s true, even if you find very cheese. It’s very true. And I know another day when you will find these ‘valentines day’ things useful: birthdays, anniversaries (wedding day, when you first met, when you first kissed… depends on the couple).


If you have read my posts before I hope you are familiar with this and this. So read them again if you want to find more about what I believe love is and obviously, enjoy your Valentines Day. Don’t forget to smile…

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