I don’t know what happened, but, taking a break from my studies (exam revision), I saw that on 15th January was National Hat Day here in UK. I liked the idea a lot, I am not a fan of hats and because of this windy weather here in Scotland I find very hard to wear hats, because I end loosing them on some reason. But, hey, there is a begging for everything, so this year for Christmas I have received my first hat:

New ImageghyjhAnd it wasn’t as bad as I thought… But still I have a lot of things to learn about this. So, I have decided to do some research about this, and the next post will be about hats, so I hope you will enjoy them. I will try to post one for every category, so bare with me. Any ideas, let me know in the comments below.

To make it easy for me, and also to let you know what I will post, here is a small list (any ideas, don’t forget to let me know):

  1. For books I will try to look into books where hats play a huge role (like Harry Potter series) and talk about them;
  2. For Fashion-ideas , bare with me, because I want to do a kind of a history of the hat, but because there is much to say, let me know if you want to see it for a specific country, or region. And also this will be one of my first post in this topic;
  3. For my work (my polymer clay hand-made objects) it will be kind of a short post, because I did not do to many hats, but hope to make more in the future;
  4. You know what Just LOvely is for me, so I am sure will know what will be there;
  5. For the Math part, I have to think a little longer, but I am sure I will find something, I will also post this on my other blog but with more math in it (I hope);
  6. For Ideas there are a lot of ideas of course, and maybe there will be more posts, but not sure. There will be a DIY surely;
  7. For Stories I am waiting for your ideas and comments, I would like to write a post that has some of your stories with hats (funny, sad, old, new, it does not matter). So I am waiting for your stories for this one.

So, I hope you are as exited as I am for this small project, wish me luck for my exams and Don’t Forget to Smile.

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