I am not going to say that these are going to be the things that I will do in 2014, but like every one, these are some of my ideas for this year. A few days ago I remembered why I started this blog and why I have chosen this title for it. I have always thought that everyone’s life is interesting, but I was so afraid to put parts of my life for everyone that I started with some ideas and then stopped for a longer period. I was afraid that people will be like: ‘look… another person that made this blog a diary’ and I do not want to show you how amazing my life is or how perfect it is, because I am sure that you know that it is not true. I just want to show you the things that make my days more enjoyable and beautiful. Also, a while ago I have deleted all the mathematical post from this blog and made another one special for this subject Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes , but I have neglected this also and I am very sorry for this. And I believe that it is not correct to neglect it completely here, so stay tuned.

I had a very hard 2013, this was the year that made me climb the mountain, then fall really hard, and now I am climbing, still climbing, and you can see some of the things I have learned in the process here and here. I hope you enjoyed these ones and more are coming in the neat future, I hope. I will try to post more this year, but things are stilling my time (being a full-time student and also having a job is not the easiest thing in the world).

You will see some modifications in this blog in the next days/weeks and I hope the new post, new categories and new ideas will make your day more beautiful. And… I almost forgot: DON’T FORGET TO SMILE.

o raza de lumina te poate face sa zambesti

2 thoughts on “2014

  1. I really love this post as I also feel like I can relate exactly to it. I’ve been falling from mountains too (well not literally of course haha) but I think it’s really important for us to keep climbing. This post was from January, but I hope you’ve been doing well! Don’t give up, and do your best!

    I’ve linked your blog to a post nominating you for the Liebster award. You can choose to participate or not. Either way, have a nice day!

    • I didn’t give up and I try my best every single day… Thank you for the nomination, I will try to do my best and the post will be out soon. ^_^ Have a wonderful week!

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