‘To Your Heart’ collection


I decided to start this nice collection recently. I now it is a long time to Valentine’s Day, but this is not really related to that. This collection started in my heart and it’s for everyone there that has loved someone at least once. They are the ones that understand that life is made of those sweet wheels that are hidden in our hearts (exactly like in the picture above). This year was very important for me because it kind of showed me a lot of things and I have understood a lot of things concerning my heart. And this is why I want to finish the year with presenting my ‘ to your heart ‘ collection. I hope you will like it.

New Imagegthjfh

Everyone has a short memory of a ‘flower moment’. I believe that doesn’t matter if you are girl or boy, you surely have a memory when your heart just reacted strangely when it was near a flower. It doesn’t matter if it was the first flower you received from your boyfriend, or if it was the first time you gave a flower to someone you really loved. Those moments are written on our hearts,
New ImagehjyutrHearts come in different shades. There are people that have little black hearts, that sometimes hide a more brownie soft undertone somewhere; there are split hearts that try to heal themselves in time, but the marks remain; there are icy hearts that are starting to melt little by little; and there are childish ones, full of ribbons and laugh.

Thank you very much for the support so far, and also if you want to see more, just like this one. For any information about orders, you can contact me here, or if you fell more comfortable leave a comment bellow; and also visit How to order.

 Enjoy your day and don’t forget to smile and love.

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