Pumpkin Carving

I am starting to be better and better at Halloween preparations. Now I will talk about pumpkin carving. I thought that the process is pretty easy, but it seems that is not like that. And I will surely not do a scary pumpkin this Halloween, maybe more luck next year. But even if I am such a clumsy person at this, there are people out there really really good.

Firstly I will talk about Scott Cummins. He has been doing this for more than 12 years and the pieces are incredible. A lot of imagination and creativity on his part.  He also has some video-tutorials on his page which show you how good he is and how incredible and time consuming is his art.

New Imagehh

Secondly is Ray Villafane. He is a full-artist, if I can say that. When you look at his art you have nothing to say. I recommend to visit hos webpage because you will also find a lot of other sculptures ( in sand, using toys, etc.). Going back to pumpkin carving, he has more a 3D view of it, and his projects are more sculptures than just carving.

New ImagefgdfEnjoy and don’t forget to be scary. ^_^

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