Preparing for Halloween

I am not a big fan of Halloween, practically this is the first year I am kind of celebrating this and this is because of my friends, obviously. But I like the idea of making costumes and trying to look as scary as possible. It is kind of the only day on the year when you can look bad and scary legitimate, which is very nice. I don’t know the first idea of Halloween and what is represents exactly, so if you can make light for me leave a comment bellow.

Because I am preparing so intensely maybe you will share your ideas for Halloween with me. And because my passion is taking 40% of my time, I had done some research for this and also a lot of post will come in the next days. This is kind of an introduction, but I hope you will enjoy it.  There will be posts on JUst LOvely and Passion and I will also make some other new categories will come.

Firstly, I will recommend some of my old post and can be helpful.

  • I saw that there are a lot of YouTube videos with transforming into different Disney Princess, so this post is most helpful.
  • Here are some of my creations for Halloween: part 1 and part 2
  • One of my favorite series for this period is ‘Night Watch’ by Sergei Lukyanenko, they have almost every scary thing you can think about, all in one. You can find out more here. I have made a lot pf post about this because I like it very much, here they are: quotesThe Path of Great Ones is Genuine Sacrifice, and A special day.
  • These are for those that think cats and spiders need to be close this Halloween. (I will probably use some spiders, too)
  • And Never forget about a post about Fear

I hope you enjoyed my short preparation for Halloween. I will enchant you with more in the future. For any information about orders, you can contact me here, or if you fell more comfortable leave a comment bellow; and also visit How to order.

Don’t forget to be scary ^_^

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